Walk into the community with a local guide…

Get an inside view of the community. This Jewish tour takes you behind the scenes to get a glimpse into living as an orthodox religious Jew. Ask all your questions and learn about the community it’s culture, history, and faith.

The Experience: What’s Included?

Walk into Jewish Life with a local guide.

Exclusive access to locations unavailable to the general public.

Answers to all your Jewish questions. 

Our Knowledgeable Licensed sightseeing guide.

Plenty to Photograph and Share along the way. 

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Tour Highlights:


Walk into a synagogue and learn all the traditions and happenings inside.


See Jewish Artifacts and how they have been made since the times of Moses and Abraham.


Learn about spiritual purity and its history and integral part of Jewish Life


Get answers to the why of Jewish Dress and requirements versus customs within.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Rain
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  • Wheelchair
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What is Included in the tour?

The tour includes up to 12 stops along the way and generally averages 9 Locations. We usually go into many of the locations, but that isn’t guaranteed. The exact itinerary isn’t available to the public for security reasons and is subject to change to accommodate the group.

What if it rains?

The tour takes place rain or shine. If it’s raining we recommend bringing an umbrella or raincoat and skipping through the rain.

What if there is severe weather?

We generally run tours rain or shine. If there is severe weather that forces Jewish Tours to cancel a tour you will be offered an alternative day to take the tour.

Is the tour Wheelchair Accessible?

This tour is unfortunately not. The tour has up to 3 flights of stairs per a location.

Note: We are working on other tours that will be accessible.

How old are Children?

Under the age of 13.

Am I a student?

If you are currently in school system getting an education you get to take the student discount.

Holocaust Survivors Discount

We appreciate you and offer you our tour free of charge.

Tour Location

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

This tour walks through Crown Heights of which it’s Jewish Community is solely comprised of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect. Crown Heights is the only Chassidic community in NYC comprised of only one Chassidic sect.