Dominic Scott

Chaya Epstein

My childhood entertainment was reading. After school i’d join my father to read in the library near his office or join a tour where he would have me lead the groups and tell the teens they can ask me anything. Due to diverse friendships i have a deep understanding of many Jewish sects although my background is specifically Boro Park Skver Chassidic, World Wide and Crown Heights Chabad Lubavitch, and Flatbush Brisk Yeshivish communities. I’ve also traveled to and lived in Jewish communities around the world including more than 25 countries and over half the United States of America.

I look forward to hosting you on a tour soon as we take a deep dive into Jewish life.

Chaya’s Accolades

  • Licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide

  • Began Jewish Tours Inc in 2017

Dominic Scott
Founder of the Jewish tours of Crown Heights in 1982

Rabbi Beryl Epstein

He had wished there had been a tour or Jewish experience when he was a teen so he created it. His dream was to build a museum for thousands of teens to learn about Judaism in a fun interactive environment and gain a deep understanding of Jewish and Chassidic life. In 1997 his former organization could no longer fund the tour leaving Rabbi Epstein to start a nonprofit called The Chassidic Discovery Center with a mission to build The Chassidic Discovery Welcome Center and Museum. He continued to do tours on the side as he fundraised for the goal including successfully securing the property. During Rabbi Beryl Epstein’s treatment at Sloan Kettering Hospital he continued to give tours with the help of his son Yosef until his ultimate passing on April 15, 2017, may his memory be a blessing. Leaving his daughter to continue his legacy.

Rabbi Epstein’s Accolades

  • Featured as a Top 10 Tours of NYC

  • Gave tours for 35 years from 1982 to 2017

  • Became independent Non Prorfit in 1997

  • Passed too soon on April 15, 2017